Food Waste Friday, September 16,2011

Wow. This week was terrible.

Not just on the food front; it was just all around a hard week.
The kids were cranky and sick, the house hasn’t gotten a decent cleaning (besides what is needed to keep things rolling, like dishes and laundry) and well, quite a bit of food went to waste.

Let’s start with this entire casserole:
Oops. I’d put it in the freezer to save, because I made WAY too much one night, but it turns out that once it was thawed, it just sat in the fridge for a week. We just didn’t really feel like eating it. Terrible.

Also, one night we went fishing and cooked sausages, onions and peppers over a charcoal fire at the park. We tried some new sausage, which the kids didn’t really like. Thankfully I just split one amongst them because I knew they might not eat it very well. I thought the sausage was delicious, especially with charred onions and red peppers, on a homemade whole wheat bun. Oh, yes. We’re going to have them again, I’ll just bring a few hot dogs for the kiddos next time.

I cut open this apple to eat with peanut butter, and the middle was all moldy.
Into the compost it went.

Then, after cutting another, non-moldy apple up, and getting some tortilla chips out, along with the peanut butter on a nice big plate, the kids and I went outside to eat a yummy snack on a blanket in the backyard.
As I was carrying out the plate of snacks, Ethan told me he’d found a tick on his..boy parts. (Yikes.)
So back into the house we went to try and get it out, and accidentally created a smorgasbord for the ants out of our nice snack plate..
(And let me tell you; it is traumatic to try and get a tick off of a little boy’s private area; both for him and his mommy. He’s fine, but man. What a way to ruin the afternoon. Poor little guy.)

See those black specks, right next to the blurry apples? Yep. Ants. 😦

I also chucked half a tomato into the compost, and half a banana that was beyond saving.
I think that about sums up our terrible week. I sure hope next week is better!!
How did you do this week?

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