Kid’s Clothing Week Challenge is coming up!

So…I just saw this and had to share.
I did it in the spring, and loved it, and am so excited about participating in it this fall.
It. Is. The.

Kid’s Clothing Week Challenge!!

Elsie Marley is the brain behind all this, and the challenge is to devote an hour a day to making fall clothes for your kids for the entire week of October 10-17. She has a Flickr group to post pictures of your creations,(which I don’t know how to do, but am planning on learning how.)

So.. Would you like to join in on the fun?
All you have to do (if you want) is just sign up on her website. Which you don’t actually have to do. I did it in the spring, and didn’t sign up;  I just did the challenge with a friend. I barely knew how to sew, and I did it. So you can too.  And I made some really cool stuff!

Like, this pillowcase dress…

And this pair of comfy shorts, out of an old t-shirt….

I had a few more things in the wings to make, but we ended up taking an impromptu camping trip, so I didn’t finish them within the week.

I want to try to make a jacket for Ethan this fall, maybe this one right here, although it looks kinda hard to make.

I’d love for you to join in on the fun, and let me know! It would be so cool to have friends doing this along with me. šŸ™‚
So, mark your calendars, or put it in ical, or your planner and then sew sew sew..just an hour a day. You can get a lot more done than you think. Try it and see.

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