Food Waste Friday, September 2, 2011

Wow! I can’t believe it is September already!

 I remember thinking it seemed soooooooooo far away about a month and a half ago, when we were having a 122 degree day and it felt as if we were burning in hell. I thought, “Maybe in September it will be cooler…maybe. Just make it til September..” Well, I’m here to tell you that it is indeed cooler, although not by much.Yesterday it was still over 100. But we had a few gorgeous weeks of 90 degree weather and 70 degree nights, and next week is supposed to get down in the 80’s during the DAY!!!!! And 60’s in the night.
I am SO excited. I am definitely not a lover of hot weather. Give me cool, rainy foggy mornings and sunshiny afternoons any day and I’m happy.

That has nothing to do with food waste, I know. I just had to share. 🙂
Why am I sharing about food waste?? Because I was inspired by Kristen, aka “The Frugal Girl” to start keeping myself accountable to other like-minded individuals about how much food (and therefore, money) we just throw away. It’s been very eye-opening.

How did I do this week? Not too shabby!
We only wasted the usual small amounts left over by the kiddos from not eating their dinners/lunches/breakfasts, and then this bit of layered vegetable enchiladas.

I made a whole huge roasting pan full of them two Wednesdays ago, when our small group from church met at our house; and I made more than enough. We ate them for dinner the next night and lunch a couple of days but then just kind of got tired of eating them…so then they sat in the fridge for an extra week and are not able to be finished now. I really like these- they are SO easy to make; especially for a large amount of people. Next time I won’t make quite as many, so I don’t end up wasting them.

That’s it! I’m so proud of myself for finally getting better at this whole food waste thing.

We finally have figured out the right quantity of steel cut oats to cook in the morning, so we haven’t been wasting those anymore. Hooray!!

Oats with real frozen peaches and whole milk are SO much better than the Quaker packaged
 “peaches & cream “
 instant oatmeal I ate sometimes as a kid!

I am also really excited because we just got a Costco card and are about to try out the whole buying in huge bulk quantities thing for the first time. They have really good prices on Organic meat and dry goods, so we’re giving it a go.
 I’m a little nervous that we’ll not buy just what we need/ not be able to store it all/spend more money than we should, but I am making a list and we’re going to stick to it! We’re going to Costco on Tuesday, so we’ll see how it goes! I”ll let you know.

How did you do this week?

P.S. I’m going to post about how I re-fashioned an adorable jacket for my daughter on here later, so check back in a few hours!

Linking to The Frugal Girl

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