Food Waste Friday, August 19,2011

I'm back!

Last week I skipped Food Waste Friday because I was overwhelmed with tons of other stuff (which; oddly, I can't remember now) and just didn't get to it.
I wasted some leftovers,  almost a whole head of lettuce and probably a few pieces of cilantro that browned.

I'm so sad we wasted this Spaghetti with polish sausage.
It's one of my favorite meals, and just got lost in the back of the fridge.

This week we did okay! I'm kind of proud. We got a whole bag of unexpected free produce last Saturday (woo-hoo!!) and I managed to use almost all of it. We still have some arugula, two cucumbers and a few cherry tomatoes  that need to be eaten, which means we're probably having hummus and veggie pitas for lunch. Yum!

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