Food Preservation, Plus a Quick, Simple Meal- Pita Pizzas!

It's the height of fresh produce season, and if you are like many of us you may find yourself with more vegetables and fruits that you really know what to do with!

This has been the case for me lately.
A couple of weeks ago, I bought 25 lbs of fresh Georgia peaches because they were on sale and our family loves, loves , loves those yummy, juicy, fresh peaches! After I got home, I had a minor panic moment because I realized that I had no way to go about canning them, and knew for sure we couldn't eat them all before they went bad.

Enter: The Freezer.

I cut those babies and froze them up! I just sliced some and threw them in freezer bags, then diced some for topping our oats in the morning, and then made a few pints of freezer jam. I am so pleased to say that all of the peaches got taken care of, one way or another (we ate a bunch fresh too) and not one of them went bad. Score!!

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2 thoughts on “Food Preservation, Plus a Quick, Simple Meal- Pita Pizzas!

  1. My dear friend and my Grandmother pointed out a very important step to freezing veggies that I overlooked. You must blanch them first, or you could get sick! Blanching kills any bacteria that may have been on them, and keeps it from going into your tummy. To blanch, simply cut up the veggies ( if you want) and then dump them into a pot of boiling water for about 3 minutes. Then IMMEDIATELY afterwards, douse them in cold, cold water to stop the cooking process. Then, freeze. Thanks, Grandma and Laura, for reminding me of this important step!! xx

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