Home Schooling Musings

School is back in session, and its almost beginning to feel like the end of summer. Almost.
Our weather has thankfully taken a dip into cooler temperatures, at least for a few days and I am so incredibly thankful! It's in the upper 80's and low 90's instead of hundred- plus degrees!
Things have been a little crazy this week, thus the lack of writing here.
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One thought on “Home Schooling Musings

  1. Homeschooling mama of five here. Four graduates and one tenth grader. No curriculum is the best curriculum to start with! I didn't use any until fifth grade or so. I love Apologia for science, and didn't discover them until my oldest were in high school. They have some cool elementary level stuff too. It is based on creation science but it isn't polyana or boring. Best advice I can think of is to find a homeschool co-op that you like. They can be a great support network, and lots of times they have lending libraries so you can check out curriculum without buying it. Praying for you in this new chapter of your grand adventure!

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