Food Waste Friday, July 15,2011

Good Morning!
Today is Food Waste Friday, where I take a picture of the food that has gone to waste over the week and write about it. I started this a couple of weeks ago, after being inspired by Kristen of The Frugal Girl chronicling her food waste and watching it dissipate week by week.

Last night I was digging around in my fridge and realized that I had a few things that were about to go bad that I should cook up right away! There was some yellow squash that had been in there for a week and a half that was starting to get a little mushy on the ends…
I cut it up (minus the mushy ends- those went in the compost) and put it in to sautee with the peppers, shallots and onions and chicken I was making for dinner. We had mashed sweet potatoes too. If you’ve never had them before, you should try them. They are really good!

I also had a tomato and some spinach that we’d used up part of in making Greek Club Pita Sandwiches the night before; so I made them into a salad with some almonds and celery and a few more sweet peppers.
(I didn’t think about taking pictures of these, sorry!)

I thought that I did really well this week- other than one dinner of Moroccan Carrot Soup that the kids didn’t eat, we had no waste at all! Or so I thought until I went to do dishes this morning and found…

Steel cut oats.

Dang those oats!!

Usually we finish them off every morning, except on the mornings when I am not as hungry, then we have a little left over. Like yesterday.
Would you like to know the reason I wasn’t as hungry??
We bought some Kashi soft and chewy trail mix cookies the other day at Target to fend off the 4-o’clock hunger that was overtaking me and the kids. They were delicious. Just the right amount of chewiness, with some really good whole-grain healthiness in there. And instead of high fructose corn syrup, they had honey, brown rice syrup and cane sugar in them. Yummy.

We had a few left over yesterday morning and hubby found them and we all enjoyed one before breakfast, but since I’d had a cookie, I wasn’t as hungry…
Hence why we teach our kids to eat their meals before they have treats!! 😀
It’s funny (and sad) that I am the culprit of this food waste- I learned the lesson once again- no treats before we eat!
Maybe next week I’ll remember to eat all of the oats and we’ll have a food waste-free week! (Or I’ll just wait til after we eat breakfast to have any treats..)
How did you do?

Linking to The Frugal Girl

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