Headbands and Flowers

In the past few days. I’ve been bitten by the accessory-making bug.

I’ve kind of gone crazy making stuff, and its been really fun! I usually dress pretty simply; mostly regular ribbed tank tops and khaki or jean shorts in the summer, jeans and t-shirts in the winter, with mostly just solid colors, with a few dresses and skirts thrown in the mix. For some reason I’m not much of a print-wearer when it comes to clothing.
I like to keep my style simple and kind of classic/bohemian/beach-bum-ish. That’s my west coast upbringing- super super casual. Living in the south has made me a little more polished, but not too much. For some reason, people dress up a little more here.

 I like to embellish my simple style with bangle bracelets,

 flats or sandals, dangle-y earrings and sometimes toe rings.

These are my favorite earrings- a gift from my dear husband for either my birthday or Christmas…I don’t remember which. I love them though! 

Anyway, where I like to put my prints is my accessories. Such as:

Yep, I carry a tiny little purse. That way, things can’t get lost as easily in there! Although sometimes they still do…

or scarves,
or cute little fabric flowers..

My friend Kayci showed me how to make these, and I just can’t stop!

I’ve made some to put on headbands that I’ve woven….

My sweet little Eliana modeling her headband-isn’t she just darling?
And just as pins…

I’m planning to put some on a bag, once I make myself one. 🙂

And in the winter/fall they will look delightful on sweaters and jackets. I think I might know what all of my female family and friends are getting for Christmas! ; )

What are your favorite accessories and why?

For information on how to make the woven headbands, check out Ashley’s blog, Make it, Love it -she explains it way better than I ever could.

I”ll post a tutorial on how to make the fabric flowers soon!

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