I figured out how to watermark my images! Yay!


I’ve noticed that several of the more professional seeming bloggers out there in the world have watermarks on their images they use on their blogs. This helps protect against people stealing their pictures and using them without permission.
Since I have searched Google Images more than once for pictures about something; I know how easy it is to copy and paste the URL of the image to whatever your little heart desires….SO I set out on a mission to find out how to watermark my images so no one takes them without permission. (hopefully.)

Turns out, its really easy! I found Windows Live Writer on my computer (didn’t even know it was on there- we haven’t had our computer very long and are still finding stuff on it we didn’t’ know we had) and there’s a watermark option and that was that! I chose a cute font, and there you have it, friends: watermarked images.
Because I know that images of pancakes are highly susceptible to being stolen. Haha.
Maybe if your really hungry???
I don’t know.

That’s all! just wanted you to share in my joy. Open-mouthed smile

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