Homemade Granola

What comes to your mind when you think of granola?

Crunchy, dry cereal that hippies eat in a teepee filled with smoke? Nature? Hiking? Living in the outback?
 I grew up liking granola, but always thought of it as too much work to eat. All of that chewing..crunch, crunch, crunch….it just wears your jaw out!
Well, little did I know that years in the future I would not only like to munch on granola, but I'd be making my own!

It all started as an experiment to find cheaper stuff than cereal to eat for breakfast. Let me tell you, just about anything is cheaper for breakfast than cereal. They jack the prices up sky high on those little boxes of crunchy goodness. Especially for granola.
We usually eat steel-cut oats for breakfast most days, (mmm..with blueberries and milk) but we were craving a change, or just some variety so I found a recipe and tried making my first batch of homemade granola.
There it is- on the far left, next to the steel-cut oats. Yum!

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