Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes

We had pancakes for dinner a couple of nights ago and as I was getting all of the ingredients out, I thought,  “Hey! who doesn’t love blueberry pancakes? I should share this recipe on my blog!”
I talk to myself all the time, so this wasn’t out of the ordinary to say “Hey!” to myself. ha ha.

Do you ever find yourself talking to yourself at the grocery store? Out loud? I do all the time. Most of the time I have the kids with me, so I just pretend I’m actually talking to them. But really, I’m talking to me. That was completely off subject. Oh, well.
Anyways, I love to make nice, homemade pancakes out of batter made from scratch because I know exactly what is in them and can make them as healthy (or not) as I choose.
I got this recipe from my mom. I’m not sure if its the same one we used when I was growing up, but I think its pretty close. Its super easy and quick and I bet you have all of the ingredients on hand. No need for Bisquik  pancakes here.

I usually make one and a half times the recipe for our family of 4- that will give you around 6-8 big pancakes or probably 10 small ones. Since our kiddos are still small and don’t eat a lot yet, this is perfect for us. Feel free of course, to double, triple, single the recipe as needed.

Can you read that? I can read the ingredients just fine, the instructions at the bottom are a little harder, so I’ll write it out as well.

Basically you beat the egg a little, then throw everything else in and mix it up with a whisk until its not lumpy anymore. Easy Peasy. I usually use whole wheat flour, and a whole cup of milk just because you tend to need more liquid to balance out the heaviness of the whole wheat. I imagine if you used white flour you wouldn’t  need the extra milk. If your batter seems too thin, add a little more flour and if it seems too thick, add more milk. (NOT more oil, unless you want funnel cake-like pancakes. I actually didn’t put any oil in this batch of pancakes and they turned out fine. I just sprayed the pan with cooking spray instead.) In a pinch, you can use water instead of milk and you also don’t have to have the egg, but it does make the pancakes nice and fluffy.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need.

Three french coffee presses also come in handy for plenty of java to wake you up.

Even if its dinner time.. 🙂

If you want blueberry or any kind of fruit in there, pour the batter into the pan first, then add the berries. If you add the berries into the batter you’ll end up with a whole bunch of berries on the bottom of your pitcher and they won’t come out when you try to pour the batter in the pan. (I know. I’ve tried this one. )

I use this pyrex measuring pitcher to make and pour the batter into the pan.  There’s a plate under it to catch any drips from pouring.  Maple syrup is SO yummy!!
 You’ll know the pancake is ready to turn when it gets little bubbles around the edges- like this.
I always tend to make my pancakes well done… not really on purpose, it just ends up that way. ; )

For extra yummy pancakes, use real maple syrup (its SO much better for you than the high-fructose corn syrup-y syrup!) and of course slather some butter on the pancakes before you drizzle the syrup.

To keep the pancakes warm while you are finishing up cooking, place them in an oven-safe dish and turn the oven on really low- around 195 degrees F.
Blueberry Pancakes and Orange Juice- yum!
Serve them up with some OJ and maybe some bacon and you have a delicious meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


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