My New-Found Love: Freezer Jam!

I was checking my Facebook the other day, probably one time too many (does anyone else find themselves spending WAY to much time on there?) .. when I came across a link from my local farmer's market singing the praises of freezer jam.

 I had never even heard of it before. You can make jam that goes in the…freezer?!  When I think of making jam or jelly, images of a hot sweaty kitchen filled with steam and the smells of sugar and fruit pop into my head; along with a rosy-cheeked, buxom lady standing over a huge water bath pan, lifting gleaming jars out of boiling water.  (I helped my mom make jam and can peaches as a child. I loved it!  To a 8 year old girl, nothing is better than scooping off the froth from cooking blackberries, knowing that when it cools, it is all yours to enjoy.)

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