Summer "bucket" list

Its officially summer-like here, well really kind of hell-like, since its been near or above 100 degrees for the past week with tons of humidity and no end in sight…why am I still in the south? I don’t know.
Anyway, I am having trouble finding stuff to do with my kiddos since we can’t really play outside and to me, playing outside is what summer is all about! We’ve been spending WAY too much time watching movies (mostly Madagascar, which is Ethan’s current favorite. We’re talking like at least twice a day. Yes. Way Way WAY too much.)
I found this idea that this momma had inspiring, so I think we’re going to try it as well.
 (check out the link-there are templates and everything to download if you want to!) Its a summer “bucket list”- a list of fun things to do throughout the summer. I need most of these things to be free, and we’ll pick one thing a day to do until we get tired of them, or re-start the list if we finish all of the things before summer’s over! (we most likely will, I’m not very good at thinking up ideas.)  I haven’t actually made the list yet, so I’ll make sure to show you what we came up with after we are done. What ideas do you have of fun things to do this summer?

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